Monday, November 14, 2011

Postcards from Ronda

by Robert Bovington

Ronda is one of the oldest cities in Spain and surely one of the most dramatic locations. The town perches 750 metres above sea level, on an inland plateau that is sliced in half by the 100-metre deep Tajo gorge.

Tajo gorge
Three bridges span the Tajo Gorge but the newest, the 18th century Puente Nuevo, is the focal point of the town. It is a masterpiece of architecture and engineering. When you stand on the bridge and look into the deep of the gorge below, you will understand why its construction took 42 years! Apparently special machines had to be invented to raise the huge solid stone blocks from the bottom of the gorge.

Puente Nuevo

Ronda is a photographer's dream – or a nightmare if one hasn't enough film; the battery has run down or you have a smallish memory card in your digital camera! Everywhere you look, there are delightful buildings not only the important buildings like the 'Palacio de Mondragón' and the Palacio de Salvatierra', but also the ordinary houses, churches and shops. The old town is a maze of narrow streets with whitewashed houses interspersed with grand Renaissance mansions.

Palacio de Salvatierra

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  1. Hi Bob,

    Looking to the future, I will be running photography experiences as far a-field as Ronda. Watch my blog / website for details.